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Press Release... AOHR celebrates 27 years on acquitted the railway workers in Egypt

Cairo on April 16 / 2014


The AOHR Rights Celebrates 27 years on the verdict Cairo Criminal Court acquitted the railway workers ,

The first court ruling Arabic recognizes the International Covenant on Economic,

Social and Cultural recalls with appreciation and gratitude Court judges and members of the defense

 the Arab Organization for Human Rights celebrates over 27 years since the acquittal of the accused from the Criminal Court of the Supreme State Security Emergency Cairo in the case of public prosecution No. 4190 ,Year 86 Azbakia, which was issued on April 16 / 1987, and  "Mohammed Amin Rafii," President of the Court, and the membership of the two judges, "Halima Ahmed Abdel-Wahab," and "Mohammed Mansour Abdullah" advisers Cairo Court of Appeal at the time, and so in the case of the criminalization of the exercise of the railway workers of their right to strike.

The accused pleaded for a constellation of lawyers Egypt, led by professors Departed: Ahmed Nabil al-Hilali, d. Esmat Seif al-Dawla, d. Abdel Halim Mandour, and Nabil Najm, Abdullah Al Zoghbi, Muhammad Amin Fahim, as well as professors: Sameh Ashour, and Sayed Abu Zaid, and Abdullah al-Khalil, and Lamia Sabri Mbdy, Amira bahi -eldin, and others.

The organization publishes a blog this historic ruling on its website and celebrate the names of gentlemen judges who issued the ruling, and the members of the Defense Distinguished who participated in the defense of the accused in this case, which is a rule where a milestone and a certificate on the road to devote to recognize and protect human rights and realization, especially economic and social rights, which was seen as the needs depend on the availability of resources and that the judgment being affirmed rights.

This was confirmed by the referee that the economic and social rights cannot talk about the necessity of respecting them, but went beyond the need to meet them. It is foreseeable that the shares internationally in the emergence of the concept of development based on a human rights approach, or the integration of human rights in the development and evolution of the concept of human development.

This has contributed to the referee founder in the frequency of the provisions of the Egyptian judiciary in the realization of economic and social rights, thanks to the activity of certain human rights organizations operating in the defense of the economic and social rights in the use of the legal dimension in the consecration of these rights before national courts on the basis of the International Covenant on Economic, Social, or the constitutions and laws national, which recognizes some of these rights, and made human rights defenders so successful, double in the struggle for the recognition of international standards of human rights, and repel attempts decomposition of them, also contributed to the establishment of the arguments on the possibility of applying economic and social rights and compel governments of those rights, or at least influence positively in public policies in place to fulfill and meet them. It is what has become known as strategic litigation, which operates the Arab Organization for Human Rights in framing the theoretical and practical knowledge in the Arab region.

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