the Resource Center of social justice reviews based on the following:
*international standards of human rights and economic and social rights.
*the concept of legal empowerment of the poor: which is one of the new strategies to reduce poverty and fight it based on human rights
*curriculum development based on human rights HRBA.
*the fight against corruption.

The center cares about providing a specialized library in these areas in the context of the theme of social justice ,it also interested in providing this library via their website SJRCENTER.ORG, which displays in Arabic, English, French, relevant articles of the various reports, and research studies, books, periodicals, and articles, and the issues and campaigns, conferences and seminars, and material that specializes in human rights aspects.

The center provides important opportunities to participate in the meet mission through:
*Get Involved: by opening the door of the proposals on the part of specialized Researcher and general public opinion or suggestion.
*Invitations to participate: to be launched by the Centre to request research and specialized studies in which some aspects of not having enough *material on the Arab arena, and a desire to stimulate research and concerned and relevant studies.

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